Friday, August 31, 2007

My Beautiful Girl

So Evey has arrived...and she is amazing. She is sweet and wonderful - I'm fascinated by her long delicate fingers and crazy monkey toes. Her features seem to me much more feminine and delicate than big brother Maddox. She was 7 lb 13 oz - and that was 10 days early. So she would definitely have been a big girl if we had delivered her at the time Maddox was born (2 days late). Though I don't think she would have quite managed his 9 lb 9 oz!

We are thrilled to be home! Maddox absolutely adores his little sister...though we are working on our noise volume. I can't say enough about how well Maddox did this week with all the drama. He has really been fantastic. And after spending so much time in the hospital with her - and only brief visits from Maddox...he looks ENORMOUS to me now.

So anyways - here are a few snapshots from Evey's hospital adventure....

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Sarah G said...

She is adorable... congratulations! And, the room you have prepared for her looks great. Thanks for sharing.