Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leaf Play...Part 2 (Happy BDay Abbey)

Several weeks ago on a GORGEOUS fall day, we headed to Grandma Nita's house to celebrate Abbey's birthday. When we arrived, Bryce was out back jumping off a swing into a huge leaf pile.

leaf fun 02

Maddox has always been rather timid about trying new I was quite surprised when he started jumping off the swing without hesitation. He had a great time!

leaf fun 01

I LOVE the look on Maddox's face. :-)

leaf fun 03

leaf fun 04

Louis even took a turn or two...

leaf fun 05

leaf fun 06

leaf fun 07

leaf fun 08

leaf fun 09

Unable to jump from a swing yet, Evey got her thrills triking around the yard.

leaf fun 10

leaf fun 11

I enjoy Abbey running through the background...

leaf fun 12

Olivia took some time to (very seriously) rake the leaf pile up a little bigger.

leaf fun 13

leaf fun 14

leaf fun 15

My sweet boy...

leaf fun 16

My sweet girl...

leaf fun 17

After all that serious raking, I was quite surprised when Olivia cut loose jumping in the pile!

leaf fun 18

leaf fun 19

Even Milo was enjoying the fun...

leaf fun 20

Then Evey started running and jumping in the leaf pile. :-)

leaf fun 22

leaf fun 21

leaf fun 23

leaf fun 24

leaf fun 25

leaf fun 26

leaf fun 27

leaf fun 28

leaf fun 29

Louis' very impressive gun...

leaf fun 30

And if anyone else has a gun, Maddox MUST have one as well. Sigh.

leaf fun 31

The neighbor dog was barking his head off until I came over and took his picture. Another satisfied customer. ;-)

leaf fun 32

Olivia was having a little trouble swinging...until Michael gave her a PUSH.

leaf fun 33

Milo joined in the leaf pile fun.

leaf fun 34

leaf fun 35

But then sweet Milo turned into something out of Cujo/Jaws when some leaves were thrown his way!!! haha

leaf fun 36

It was a fantastic day. Hope Abbey enjoyed the fun as well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBEY!

leaf fun 37

leaf fun 38

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leaf Play...Part 1

On one of those warm autumn days...before the rain and the cold...Maddox and Evey enjoyed playing across the street with the neighbor kids in their giant leaf pile. Good times! A few pics of the frenzied leafy fun....

leaf play 01

leaf play 02

leaf play 03

leaf play 04

leaf play 05

leaf play 06

leaf play 13

leaf play 07

leaf play 08

leaf play 09

My sweet girl...

leaf play 10

My well-hidden boy...

leaf play 12

My kiddos... :-)

leaf play 11