Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Vampire and the Witch

Maddox has been sick for the past week, so it was a relief that he was well enough to trick or treat. I wouldn't know how to break that news to a kid! Sorry, no Halloween this year. How awful. Anyways, we normally carve pumpkins a couple of days prior to Halloween...but it got bumped back due to his illness. But yesterday morning he just couldn't wait for it to warm up to carve pumpkins outside, so we ended up in the garage carving pumpkins around 9am.

halloween 01

halloween 02

halloween 03

halloween 04

The boy is incapable of taking a normal picture at this point...
(glad to see the goofy old Maddox back though, obviously feeling better)

halloween 05

halloween 06

halloween 07

Maddox's #1 fan...

halloween 08

Attempting to copy her hero's goofy faces...

halloween 09

halloween 10

When is it time to trick-or-treat? Can we get our costumes on now? How about now? Is it time yet? That's what we heard Finally...darkness! And my little adorable witch and spooky vampire were ready to trick-or-treat...
(Notice Maddox's red-eyes...seemed appropriate. haha)

halloween 11

The make-up was pretty intense...but Maddox insisted we layer that white paint on. He is in need of a hair trim, but I had been waiting because we wanted to slick his hair back. Then he decided at the last minute he did not want it slicked back.

halloween 12

halloween 13

We ran into a few of their neighbor friends...Ross, Jenna, and Sarah.

halloween 14

Evey and I headed back home early to hand out some candy. Or eat the candy in Evey's case.

halloween 15

halloween 16

halloween 17

Maddox returned after only 14 houses (his plan had been 13, Jay talked him into one more...not sure why he chose to do 13 houses...he's always been a numbers guy) to sort and sample his bounty.

halloween 18

halloween 19

halloween 20

halloween 21

halloween 22

halloween 23

Maddox liked standing at the door, watching for trick-or-treaters. He liked greeting them and presenting the bowl of candy. He even told one giant group of teenagers to "get in line!"

halloween 24

Maddox removed the white makeup but wanted to leave the eyebrows. He has always wanted darker eyebrows. He was even in tears one night awhile back because he insisted his eyebrows weren't dark enough. So when he saw the white paint gone and those dark eyebrows, he smiled and said he wanted to leave them. ;-)

halloween 25


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Rebecca Gomez said...

So glad Maddox was well enough to Trick or Treat! I love Maddox's costume, looks very authentic! Evey is looking great, working those boots! :) Great pics!