Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Evey!

Craziness! My sweet baby girl is one year old today!

She is still not walking...while she can cruise like nobody's business - she clearly feels safer dropping to the floor for her "slap and drag" crawl to get through open spaces. She was employing this method at the mall play area over the weekend and had a woman in stitches. The lady said she looked just like a frog hopping around. And she does - when she gets excited there is less dragging and more hopping. :-)

Evey seems to be mechanically inclined. She loves to eat with a fork and is very good at it. She also likes to take apart remotes and put them back together. Definitely taking after her father in this department. Although I am quite good with a fork also. ;-)

Some of her favorite things include books, music, the outdoors, and loving on her family and stuffed animals. So I tried to capture what I could of that during her very last baby book shoot this morning. Here are some of my favorites...

evey one 01

evey one 02

A very short trip outside at her request...she was not wearing the appropriate attire for an extended stay.

evey one 03

We headed back to her room to play - she was in a rather serious mood at that point.

evey one 04

Until her brother got involved. He likes to make goofy faces at her to make her laugh. For example...

evey one 07

Nowadays she likes to try to make the same faces. This was her attempt at copying his silliness...

evey one 05

She thinks Maddox is pretty darn funny. So do I. :-)

evey one 06

She just loves her stuffed animals! They get hugs and kisses, then they are rocked while she hums.

evey one 08

Puckered up to plant a kiss...

evey one 09

evey one 10

evey one 11

My second shooter...

evey one 12

Requesting one of her favorite books...

evey one 13

We have always acted out the different parts of this book - dancing, splashing, etc. Here they are on the hugging page. Awwww...

evey one 14

Happy Birthday big girl! Tonight we shall celebrate!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lightning and Thunder

Maddox's Aunt Abbey made him a bear for Christmas a couple of years ago. It has recently become his favorite. He likes to cuddle with it at night - it is his official night time bear. Several weeks ago he announced that he had named the bear Lightning. Not sure why he named it Lightning (he's not really into Lightning McQueen or anything) - but regardless I think it is a really cool name for a bear.


Then yesterday, Maddox got a new bike. After returning home from a ride around the neighborhood with his dad, I was informed that he had named his bike. His bike has been named...Thunder. First Lightning, now Thunder. A future in meteorology perhaps? Here he is playing around in the driveway with his new bike, Thunder...

thunder 01

thunder 02

thunder 03

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeff, Tierney, Lucas & Jamie...Family Portraits

Yesterday I met Jeff and his wife, Tierney, along with their two kiddos (Lucas & Jamie) for a mini portrait session. Lucas and Jamie are definitely nature enthusiasts. We hadn't even fully made it out of the parking lot and they were plucking insects off of plant leaves... (I LOVE Jamie's super cool sunglasses)

jtlj 01

It was a gorgeous morning...

jtlj 02

Blue skys with puffy white clouds are my favorite - so I had to get a shot with the amazing sky...

jtlj 03

The family back down here on Earth...

jtlj 04

I love this shot of Lucas...

jtlj 05

How adorable is Jamie?!

jtlj 06

Proud parents - Jeff & Tierney...

jtlj 07

Lucas after he caught his first frog...

jtlj 08

jtlj 09

jtlj 12

jtlj 10

Jamie carrying her own little frog around...

jtlj 11

Thanks guys for a fun little session!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Emily...Senior Portraits

Yesterday I met Emily for an amazing senior portrait session. I had a tough time narrowing down my favorites for the blog! The girl couldn't take a bad picture if she tried.

emily 01

emily 02

Check out the supermodel hair - courtesy of a little breeze from Mother Nature. ;-)

emily 03

emily 04

My second model for the day...Emily's sweet little puppy, Dooney. Adorable! We actually wore the little guy out.

emily 05

emily 06

emily 07

I LOVE this one...

emily 08

emily 09


emily 10

emily 11

emily 12

emily 13

emily 14


emily 15

Too cute...

emily 16

emily 17

And I LOVE LOVE this one...

emily 18

emily 19

emily 20

emily 21

emily 22

Thanks Emily & Dooney - what a great shoot!