Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kimberly & Adam...Wedding

I apologize for the post delay...long story short: finally discovered some fragmented files, hard drive defragmented, computer back up to speed. So I am excited to now share some of my favorites from Kimberly & Adam's fabulous wedding at the Holy Family Catholic Church!

This handsome little guy was in charge of the door, and he did an amazing job. We hung out while I waited for Kim to arrive in the limo.

ka 05

ka 06

Kim arrived just moments before the ceremony. I like this picture because it reminds me of the buzz in the air...the anticipation and excitement right before the walk down the aisle.

ka 08

Adam watching his bride make her way to the altar...

ka 02

Kim got a little emotional. She later said that she never cries at weddings and was surprised by the tears...

ka 03

ka 09

During the ceremony, I noticed my little door buddy all tuckered out from door duty...

ka 07

Brand spankin' newlyweds...

ka 04

At times, the wedding seemed like a sporting event. Adam is a huge sports nut! In fact, we even had a little impromptu game of "air" baseball...

ka 10

Then a little "air" football...

ka 11

...complete with huddle.

ka 12

The handsome groom...

ka 15

The beautiful bride...

ka 16

It's amazing what a glamorous pair of sunglasses will do to a girl. Fierce!

ka 13

ka 14

ka 17

ka 18

ka 19

Ring shot...

ka 20

Adam fell for it when Kim told him they would not be doing the cake face smash. This is what happened to the poor sucker right after he so sweetly and cleanly fed Kim her piece of the cake...

ka 21

Okay, let's talk about the pool. Their reception was at the very beautiful Tiffany Greens Event Center. Saturday was very very very hot and with guests sitting right next to a sparkling and refreshing pool - it's only a matter of time, right? It started with guests sitting at the pools edge, dipping their feet. Then the kids started splashing in the wading pool...then swimming in the wading pool. The next thing you know, the kids are going off the high dive in the deep end!

ka 29

Kids will be kids, right? But then once these lovely ladies decided to go in...

ka 30 was on. The reception officially became a pool party. Here is Adam taking the plunge...

ka 31

I loved these high dive shots so I have to share a few more...

ka 32

ka 33

ka 34

The guys were having great fun!

ka 35


ka 23

Adam & Kim taking the plunge together...

ka 28

ka 24

ka 25

ka 26

ka 27

Congratulations Kim & Adam - you two are simply amazing together. Have a wonderful honeymoon!


Rebecca Gomez said...

Whoa, speechless when viewing these! I am completely amazed by these photos. I don't know Kim & Adam but I wanted to be at that wedding. How cool was the bride to get in the pool and have a "trash the dress" shoot a bit early. Hate to be the one to return the tuxes...
The pool shots were amazing but my favorite wedding pose is Kim & Adam beside the water looking at each other, pure bliss!!

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best Weddings I have been to in along time. I just knew when I saw that swimming pool, that it was just a matter of time before the "boys" went in.!! And it was soooo.....HOT!!!!
Then... when the bride and her whole party jumped into the pool. There was just to much fun.
Adam, I am so glad that your Mom and Dad finally jumped in. I am just sorry I missed it! Wonder if the photographer, Sarah snapped that picture?? Your Dad did the Perkins family good. LOL!!
Anyway,the pictures turned out wonderful.
Again Best wishes to you both.
Love from Aunt Carol and Family