Tuesday, July 29, 2008

11 Down, 1 To Go

We are now one month away from Evey's 1st Birthday! We celebrated her 11th month with the usual baby book shoot over the weekend. Here are a few of my favorites...

evey 11mth 08

evey 11mth 10

evey 11mth 11

evey 11mth 01

evey 11mth 02

evey 11mth 04

evey 11mth 03

evey 11mth 09

evey 11mth 05

evey 11mth 14

evey 11mth 13

evey 11mth 15

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun on the Farm

We joined my sister and her kids for a trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead earlier this week. We hadn't been since last June...so this was Evey's first trip to the farm. We had a fabulous time. Evey enjoyed watching the ducks...or the "quack quacks" as we overheard one lady call them. Quack quacks? ;-)

dr 01

dr 02

Maddox enjoyed feeding the ducks...and had a very interesting throwing technique. Not real precise aim. Evey was even getting showered with food at one point so we had to move her a little further away. I'm not sure how he did it - but somehow the food was thrown simultaneously behind him and in front of him. You might be able to see the food here...

dr 03

Connor's throwing technique was clearly influenced by a love of baseball...

dr 04

I like this series of Elise. She didn't know I was taking her picture in the first frame - she had just glimpsed the camera and then started laughing...

dr 05


dr 06

And I love this series of Maddox in with the goats. I love the hands in the air - trying to convince the goats he was out of food.

dr 07

Evey wanted to try out all of the different animals at the playground. Here she is riding the "pig"...

dr 08

Never too old - Elise on the turtle (her favorite animal)... ;-)

dr 09

Chicken. (with a very fast moving head)

dr 10


dr 11

We did the whole combo pack: mining, pony rides, fishing, hayride, and here is Maddox bottle feeding a pygmy goat...

dr 12

Evey got tuckered out and took a nap while the rest of the gang went on the hayride...

dr 13

This goat had a very confused horn that grew the same way as the other...

dr 14

dr 15

It was a pretty hot but otherwise very enjoyable day at the farm!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anna & Daryl...Engagement Portraits

I met Anna & Daryl yesterday for a super hot engagement session. While I do love the images we created...I'm actually referring to the temperature. I don't know how we didn't melt. I wish sweatbands were still cool - because I needed one yesterday! So if you see any stylish sweatbands (isn't that an oxymoron?!) be sure to let me know...

Anna & Daryl met many years ago and formed a friendship. That friendship later blossomed into love. I love those types of relationships...because a close friendship is so important to a lasting marriage. I enjoyed how Daryl could quietly make a comment and so easily make Anna laugh - all the while keeping a totally straight face.

Let's get to some of my favorites from our session together. Don't forget to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE in the comments section below. Anna & Daryl will receive a free 8x10 of the winning image!

This was one of the first pics of the session - see what I mean about Daryl looking so serious while making Anna laugh?!

ad 01

ad 02

ad 03

ad 04

ad 05

LOVE this one...

ad 06

ad 07

ad 08

Anna has a great smile...

ad 09

ad 10

ad 12

ad 11

ad 13

ad 14

ad 15

Daryl cracking up Anna again...

ad 16

ad 17

ad 18

A nice shot of Anna...

ad 20

A different kind of love - one between a man and his motorcycle... ;-)

ad 21

Gotta do the mirror shot...

ad 19

ad 22

ad 23

ad 24

Thanks Anna & Daryl for a great shoot! You never would have guessed from the pictures how miserably hot you guys were. ;-)
See you in September!