Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

4th 01

Since we have a little one this year, we opted out of the big shows and just spent the evening at my sister's house. We just weren't sure how Evey would react to all of the noise and hoopla. Here is the little sparkler, chillin' in a kiddie lawn chair...

4th 04

Fun with streamers...

4th 05

I went wild and spent $5 at Target on fireworks. I bought several packages of the snappers and a package of party poppers. Whoop whoop! ;-) Maddox enjoyed the snappers...

4th 02

Enjoying a festive patriotic cookie...yum!

4th 03

Evey took a nap after dinner...but it must not have been enough rest. She spent the fireworks portion of the evening with her head down on Papa's shoulder, watching the show out of the corner of her eye.

4th 06

4th 07

My sister definitely invested in more fireworks than I did. ;-)
They put on a great show...

4th 17

4th 13

4th 12

4th 16

My favorite was taking pictures of the kids with the sparklers...

4th 09

4th 15

4th 14

4th 08

4th 11

4th 10

Maddox said that the 4th of July was even better than Halloween. Which is HUGE! He has been obsessed with Halloween ever since last October. He even said it was the best day of his life. I haven't heard that since the day we put up the Christmas tree! It's going to be quite a weekend for the fella - his birthday party is tomorrow! The 4th of July and a birthday party all in one weekend! Good times...

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