Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Flowers

flowers 02

flowers 01

flowers 03

flowers 05

flowers 06

flowers 07

flowers 04

Happy last day of May! ;-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Movin' and Shakin'

Evey turned 9 months old yesterday! And my baby girl is on the her own special way. My sister and I both skipped crawling and went straight to walking, as did Maddox. In fact, at 9 months old Maddox was cruising and took off walking within the month. Evey is not yet cruising, but she is rolling. I would find rolling rather limiting, but Evey manages to get from one end of a room to the other quite swiftly by rolling this way and that. She rolled under her crib the other day, I found her with just a head poking out.

So here are a few of my favorites from the baby book photo shoot...

e9 01

See those teeth? Those three on the top came in together...the fourth one is just starting to poke through. Here's a better look...

e9 02

She was definitely a moving target during the photo shoot...

e9 03

e9 07

Still doing those tummy crunches...

e9 05

Beautiful baby blues...

e9 08

I love how she scrunches up her little nose...

e9 06


e9 04

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Client Meeting Area

I am so excited! My hubby hung my new pictures yesterday! The meeting area for clients is almost finished...just a few odds and ends left before 100% completion. Here you can see the pictures of my kiddos...they are each 16x20 though with the 5" mat plus frame they are HUNORMOUS...

meeting area 01

And here you can see the 20x30 gallery wrap of our stinky ;-) dog, Cash...

meeting area 02

I am contemplating a floating frame for the gallery wrap but haven't decided. What do you think? To frame or not to frame?

meeting area 03

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Allison & James...Wedding

Allison & James tied the knot yesterday. Everything went quite well, even the weather perked up. It was like two different days! Cold, cloudy and windy before the, sunny and muggy less than two hours later. Father Tony's service was beautiful. James told me he is now over his anxiety about having his picture taken (this is what is great about engagement several hundred pictures on your wedding day ;-). Ally was drop dead gorgeous! Friends and family were so very kind and a lot of fun. I truly had a wonderful time and it was difficult to leave the party....

Since it was such a fabulous day...I had a lot of trouble narrowing down my "favorites" for the blog. And I know I will pick different favorites when I get a chance to spend more time going through the images. So here are a "few" ;-) of my favorites.

We started off with James and his boys...excuse

aj 16

aj 15

Then spent some time getting some bridal portraits of Allison. I LOVE this one...

aj 17

And for the life of me could not decide on my favorite veil shot. Help me out here...which one is better?

I like this one, over the shoulder with some dress detail...

aj 14

But this one is so lovely, with those amazing lashes...

aj 18

And yet I love the colors here...

aj 20

Nope, I still can't decide. ;-)


aj 12

I like how the adorable flower girls just happened to line up around Ally by height...makes for nice composition. ;-)

aj 13

Time for the ceremony to begin...

aj 11

aj 10

aj 01

aj 09

Yeah! Time to party!

aj 08

The newlyweds...

aj 02

aj 04

aj 05

Nice bling!

aj 07

aj 03

aj 06

More bling! LOVE these shoes...

aj 19

The rings...

aj 23

First dance...

aj 21

Speaking of dancing, this made me tear up. Seriously, started crying. Allison's adorable grandma dancing with each of her sons. They were taking turns, cutting in on each other, and whirling her around the dance floor. You could tell they just adored her...and it made me think of my own kids and how I sure hope they love me that much when they are grown.

aj 22

I also feel a tug when I see the sleeping little ones at receptions...

aj 26

But my favorite thing at the reception was what appeared to be a mini-wedding. A wedding within a wedding. Here's my mini-me...

aj 24

And the mini-couple...

aj 25



Ceremony...Church of the Ascension
Reception...Deer Creek Golf Club
Officiant...Father Tony Lickteig (of Holy Spirit)
Videographer...Mike Cisneros
DJ...Scott (of Better Music Services)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Allison & James...Rehearsal

I spent a couple of hours last night with Allison, James, and their fabulous families...soon to be family. ;-) I don't have much time to post as I need to be getting ready for the wedding today. But here they are getting warmed up...


And just because I love this shot...

rehearsal 02x

Check back tomorrow to see the real deal! ;-)

Friday, May 23, 2008


grrrrr 01

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bathing Beauty

I realized the other day I hadn't taken any bath pictures of Evey since probably her very first bath ever! Seems like I have a ton of pictures of Maddox playing in the tub as a baby, so I figured I'd better try to even that up a bit. ;-)
So here are a few pics of Miss Evey getting squeaky clean...

bath 01

bath 03

bath 04

bath 02