Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Jennifers!

We had a few friends over for dinner last night. When Maddox asked who was coming, I told him that actually both of my friends were named Jennifer. His response was something to the effect of..."Two Jennifers! How could there be two Jennifers?!" ;-) It was such a beautiful day, we spent the majority of the time hanging out in the backyard watching the kids play.

Sean had a fabulous time swinging...

jen 01

jen 02

Maddox preferred the slide (in the wrong direction)...

jen 03

The big kids had fun too...

jen 05

jen 04

You will see more of that Jennifer in the next day or so. We have a shoot planned...should be interesting. I'm heading into new territory here. The other Jennifer is due to give birth in early June and I wanted to get a picture or two of her. The first attempt did not go so well...

jen 09

It took some cajoling but I did persuade her to allow me to snap a couple.

jen 07

Dave was quite surprised to realize his wife was 9 months pregnant! ;-)

jen 08

Congratulations Jen & Dave...we are anxiously awaiting baby's arrival!

jen 06

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