Monday, May 12, 2008


Some pictures from last night's "Mother's Day" dinner at my sister's house.

First off, a portrait of my lovely mother - I adore her... ;-)

web mom 03

And now some Evey pics to Even out the Maddox posts lately. ;-)
About all Evey ate at dinner was a spoon...

web mom 05

I was trying to capture Maddox's reflection in the spoon. It sort of worked...if you look closely you can see me taking the picture on the right and Maddox is the small head in the chair on the left. :-)

web mom 10

Evey playing peekaboo with Aunt Chris...

web mom 07

I whirled around to snap this picture of Grandpa Lee after he shot me in the rear end with a nerf gun while I was taking peekaboo pics. Ornery! He looks pretty pleased with himself...

web mom 06

Little Evey exploring Gracie...with her favorite pointer finger!

web mom 09

And mother has always treasured these pictures taken on a trip to West Virgina to visit her grandmother. It's me (I'm the little one), my sister, my mom (looking quite stylish...haha), my Grandma Peters and my Great-Grandma Newland...4 generations!

web mom 04

So she requested a similar shot that Jay took for us...we are 1 generation shy...but still a neat photo for the family books. Three generations of females...

web mom 08

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