Sunday, May 4, 2008

NATURE Photo Contest Results...

And the winner is...

Nature_Neil E 02

Neil Ellis took this incredible picture at Zion National Park this past November. "It was a long exposure taken at dusk. The trail led behind the stream of water falling from the cliff above."

Amazing shot! Neil will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to the The Nature Store. Congratulations Neil!

I was really impressed with all of the images submitted for this contest! Here are the talented photographers behind the pictures:

Nature_Neil E 01 Neil Ellis

Nature_Stephanie A 02 Stephanie Alexander

Nature_Stephanie A 01 Stephanie Alexander

Nature_Tim D 02 Tim Davis

Nature_Tim D 01 Tim Davis

Nature_Janette W 01 Janette Williams

Nature_Janette W 02 Janette Williams

Nature_Renee B 01 Renee Bumpus

Nature_Renee B 02 Renee Bumpus

Nature_Andrea B 02 Andrea Biagioli

Nature_Andrea B 01 Andrea Biagioli

THANK YOU all so much for participating! I really enjoyed getting to see and share your photos!

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