Thursday, May 1, 2008

248 Days Old

Evey turned 8 months old on Sunday! So Monday we did the photo shoot for the baby book. I like to strip her down to a diaper for the monthly baby book photos - I did the same for Maddox's baby book. That way you can really focus on their physical changes from month to month when you look back over the year. Just in case anyone is wondering...

So anyways - here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

Lambchop has been one of Evey's favorite toys since birth so I wanted to get a nice picture of her and her "friend"...

web 8 01

For those of you keeping score at home - we are now up to 2 teeth...

web 8 02

One of her many nicknames is "Cheeks McGee"...

web 8 03

web 8 04

She is quite active, exploring her world...suprisingly quick at grabbing things. Especially things you don't want her to grab.

web 8 05

We are trying to use her desire to grab things as a means of exercise by placing things just outside her reach and making her work for it. Her current physique is an obstacle to mobility. ;-) Evey jumps like a crazy woman in the jumperoo, wriggles all over the place on the floor, and does amazing tummy crunches. She actually has some serious just happens to all be covered by marshmallowy softness.

web 8 06

And of course anything she grabs immediately goes to the mouth...

web 8 07

web 8 08

web 8 09

My sweet baby girl...

web 8 10

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