Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Take a Hike

Well...really more of a stroll. The kiddos and I headed out a few days ago for a walk around the neighborhood. My plan was to take some pictures of things we saw on our walk...which I did though I also snagged some pics of the kids as well. Shocking! I know.

I have been gifted with many "flowers" lately. I've learned that dandelions close up when they are brought inside and placed in a vase. Interesting. ;-)

web walk 03

web walk 02

Another of nature's beauties...depending on how you look at it.

web walk 04

Maddox had to stop the stroller and give Evey a hug at one point. Awwwwwww.... Have I mentioned that he loves her now?!

web walk 05

We found a tree full of "helicopters"...

web walk 06

I showed Maddox where the seed could be found. Once he got the seed out he planted it in their yard. Helping Mother Nature along - nice.

web walk 07

Someone was very dedicated to spreading the word about a particular radio station...

web walk 10

Puddle jumping...

web walk 08

Chillin' in the stroller...

web walk 09

Good times!

web walk 01

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