Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kayla...Senior Portraits

Kayla must be a lucky girl...because the day she chose for her senior session turned out to be gorgeous! Which is very rare these days. I had a lovely time with Kayla, her mother Diane, and her sweet doggie Shelby. Kayla absolutely loves animals and wanted to include Shelby in some of her pictures.

Kayla 01

Kayla 02

Kayla 03

Kayla 04

Kayla 05

Kayla 06

Kayla 07

Kayla 08

Kayla 09

Kayla 10

Kayla 11

Kayla 12

Kayla 13

Kayla 14

Kayla 15

Kayla 16

Kayla 17


Kayla 18

Kayla 20

Kayla 21

Kayla 22

Kayla 23

Kayla 24

Kayla 25

Kayla 26

Kayla 27

Kayla 28

Kayla 29

Kayla 30

Kayla 31

Kayla 32

Kayla 33

Thanks Kayla...and Shelby! :-)
Enjoy the rest of your senior year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Little Pumpkins at the Patch

I was becoming very concerned we wouldn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year! Any day we had free to go was cold and rainy. Maddox was supposed to go as part of a school field trip...it was postponed a week...then cancelled altogether because of the weather. So what a relief that we were able to squeeze a quick visit in yesterday! We have been going to Carolyn's since before Maddox was born, back when it was just my niece and nephews. And we are always sure to hit the "How Tall..." photo spot.

pumpkins 01

Of course, we must look back and compare! Evey doesn't even look like the same child...

pumpkins 03

Evey was of course fascinated by the animals, but didn't want to get too close.

pumpkins 02

Evey and Maddox (shadows) checking out the chickens...

pumpkins 04

pumpkins 05

pumpkins 06

pumpkins 07

pumpkins 08

pumpkins 09

pumpkins 10

pumpkins 11

pumpkins 12

pumpkins 13

pumpkins 14

pumpkins 15

pumpkins 16

pumpkins 17

pumpkins 18

pumpkins 19

pumpkins 20

Maddox's little copycat sister...

pumpkins 21

pumpkins 22

pumpkins 23

Absolutely Evey's favorite attraction this year was the little tractor carousel...

pumpkins 24

pumpkins 25

pumpkins 26

pumpkins 27

pumpkins 28

Quite possibly my favorite shot of the day... :-P

pumpkins 29

On the train...

pumpkins 30

pumpkins 31

pumpkins 32

pumpkins 33

Licking off the pumpkin donut residue...

pumpkins 34

Picking their pumpkins...

pumpkins 35

I'll try to remember to post video from the tractor carousel.