Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Love Spud Returns

Awhile back I posted some photos of a heart shaped potato that is near and dear to my step-mother, Mary. The potato became quite famous recently appearing on the Letterman show with President Obama. Mary was on several national programs, including the Early Show and Inside Edition...and also appeared in much of the local media.

We wondered what became of the little potato. It's hard to imagine President Obama actually keeping it...but Mary was very saddened to think it could have been thrown away. Today, Mary received a package in the mail...from the Whitehouse. The Love Spud has been returned!!!

love spud 03

love spud 05

Along with a wonderful letter from the president...

love spud 01

love spud 02

love spud 04

I'm sure Mary is ecstatic to have her treasure back safe and sound. :-)
One day soon we will have to give it another full blown photo shoot!

love spud 06


Click Photography Owner said...

Wow...I'm kind of blown away by the letter. Well written and, well...perfect. Mary ought to frame it or long does a potato keep for?

Rebecca Gomez said...

I was about to say the same thing. That should be framed. I think it's so sweet that he returned it. How did he get the address & names? This will certainly be a family story told for generations!