Monday, September 21, 2009

A Heart Shaped Potato for Obama

WOW! This is an amazing story.
So...a couple of years ago my step-mother (Mary) found a heart shaped potato. Mary was amazed by the potato, and even requested the potato have its own photo shoot. :-)

potato 01

potato 02

potato 03

potato 04

potato 05

On one of their trips to NY, my dad and Mary took the potato to show Letterman and it made it on the air! We were thrilled. The famous heart shaped potato. So they are back in NY...two years later...and once again Mary took the potato to the Letterman taping. The Obama-Letterman taping! And not only did the potato make it on the air ended up in Obama's possession! The heartshaped potato is all over the headlines!

If you google "heart shaped potato, Obama" you will come across quite a list. BUT IT GETS BETTER! CBS has booked Mary for tomorrow morning on the Morning Show!!! far the little potato has come. ;-)


Click Photography Owner said...

You're a celebrity potato photographer! I love all of them, but I am so drawn to the one with the potato on the dish towel (or at least I think that's what it is). It's like a vintage romantic shot of it...if such a thing can be said about a potato.

Rebecca Gomez said...

Your photography has been all over the place, what an honor (even if they only say, submitted photo, fam, friends & fans know what's up!).