Monday, September 7, 2009

Allison + Brian...Wedding Photography

On Saturday, Allison & Brian became husband and wife. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful wedding! I have to say...there were a few little hiccups throughout the day...things completely out of their control. Yet they both laughed it off and stayed totally cool, calm, and collected. Happy as could be all day long! You could tell they were both just so thrilled to be marrying each other, all the other details just didn't matter. They have such a sweet and tender love for each other, it was a complete joy to photograph their wedding.

As was extremely difficult to pick favorites for the blog. But here is what I came up with... :-)

stonacleish 001

stonacleish 002

stonacleish 003

stonacleish 004

stonacleish 005

stonacleish 006

stonacleish 007

stonacleish 008

stonacleish 009

Little flower girl Kelsey was always tilting her cute little head to the side for photos...until all of the other ladies gave it a try. ;-)

stonacleish 010

stonacleish 011

stonacleish 012

Hubba hubba!

stonacleish 013

I found the guys watching a game the nursery on itty bittty chairs. :-)

stonacleish 014

stonacleish 015

stonacleish 016

How many groomsmen does it take to attach a boutonnière? It actually took quite a few! haha

stonacleish 017

stonacleish 018

stonacleish 019

stonacleish 020

Shy little Josh, the ringbearer...

stonacleish 021

stonacleish 022

stonacleish 023

stonacleish 024

Gettin' hitched...

stonacleish 025

stonacleish 026

Not everyone was entertained. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

stonacleish 027

stonacleish 028

stonacleish 029


stonacleish 030

stonacleish 031


stonacleish 032

stonacleish 033

stonacleish 034

Love it...

stonacleish 035

stonacleish 036

stonacleish 037

Allison and Brian can be rather competitive. ;-)

stonacleish 038

stonacleish 039

stonacleish 040

Ring shot...

stonacleish 041

stonacleish 042

stonacleish 043

stonacleish 044

Let's wrap this up with some awesome dance floor action...

stonacleish 045

stonacleish 046

stonacleish 047

stonacleish 048

stonacleish 051

stonacleish 050

Did I mention the candy bar? Yum.

stonacleish 049

And the last picture of the evening...

stonacleish 052



Click Photography Owner said...

Oh my gosh! I love love love the wedding party shots! This wedding looked amazing! Lucky photographer, you! :)

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! So creative and personal. WOW!!!!
Becky :)

GINER said...


Trudy said...

Awesome! When can we see them all? Great job Sarah!

logan6b said...

great photos!--very creative--especially like the photo at the wedding of Kate's camera with Brian & Allison on the altar in her viewfinder!