Friday, September 11, 2009

Sarah...Family Portraits

My friend, Sarah, was in town for a short visit and wanted to take a little time to create some family portraits while here in KC. I met Sarah...probably around 6 years ago...when she joined the science department at Raytown South High School. A lot has changed since then! We have both become mothers and made changes in our employment. Plus, Sarah and Jamie have relocated outside of KC...therefore I don't get to see them much any more. So it was wonderful to see them and their two amazing boys for a visit and a shoot!

We grabbed just a few shots with Sarah's parents and her sister - Carla's family...

sarah 01

sarah 02

But the main focus was on Jonathan and Caleb. Jonathan's hand placement cracked me up...

sarah 03

sarah 04

Jonathan was a little camera shy. ;-)

sarah 05

Caleb was not.

sarah 06

Love the contrast in moods here...

sarah 07

Jonathan preferred to be on the move...

sarah 08

sarah 09

sarah 10

sarah 11

sarah 12

Very cute...

sarah 13

sarah 14

sarah 15


sarah 16

sarah 17

sarah 18

sarah 19

Thanks for a great shoot - it was wonderful to see the family! :-)
Parting shot...Jamie's football pass. I love how Jonathan headed straight into the game. He was ready to go. ;-)

sarah 20

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Click Photography Owner said...

Looks like you had some fun and great shots at Loose Park! You do so well at capturing the kids on the run. I don't suppose Maddox and Evey have anything to do with that training.