Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kristen...Family Portraits

Kristen is the proud mama of a 4 month old baby boy named Brooks. She wanted to get some portraits taken of her adorable little fella, as well as the rest of the family. Here is handsome little Brooks...

Brooks 01

Brooks 02

Brooks 03

Brooks 04

And here is Brooks with his big brother, Coltin...

Brooks 05

Coltin is 4 years old and reminds me a lot of my own son. I enjoyed him a great deal. :-)

Brooks 06

Brooks with Mark and Kristen...

Brooks 07


Brooks 08

Coltin had LOTS of energy!

Brooks 10

Brooks 09

Brooks 11

LOVE that face! haha

Brooks 12

Their dog, Chloe, kept making her way into shots. ;-)

Brooks 13

Brooks 14

Brooks 15

Chloe - the super(dog)model!

Brooks 16

Kristen with little Brooks...

Brooks 17

Brooks 18

Brooks 19

Brooks 20

Brooks 21

Coltin suited up and waiting to go outside for a special shot with the boys...

Brooks 22

Mark is a HUGE MU we had to get the guys together in their gear. :-)

Brooks 23

Then Brooks went down for a nap, leaving Coltin and I to play for a few minutes in his room.

Brooks 24

Thanks - Kristen - for the opportunity to meet your lovely family! I had a great time hanging out with the boys. :-)

Outdoor Fun...with the Neighbor Kids

It has been a pretty long time since I aimed my camera at my own children. So I grabbed my camera as we headed out to enjoy this amazing weather and play in the fresh air. First of all, a rare moment of affection between the kiddos. Maddox hugged Evey and after my "awwwwwww" he started really working it for the camera. Evey was a little less sure...not totally convinced Maddox's intentions were pure. She's not used to spontaneous embraces. Spontaneous smacking, yes. She probably thought this was a headlock. ;-)

Neighbor Fun 02

This is the Maddox we are used to seeing! haha

Neighbor Fun 01

Little Evey has been trying to make her own goofy faces these days.

Neighbor Fun 03

But she has a long way to go to match Maddox's wackiness.

Neighbor Fun 08

Neighbor Fun 04

Neighbor Fun 06

Neighbor Fun 05

Anytime we head out front to play, it is usually just a matter of minutes before the neighbor kids come running. Tonight was no exception. Maddox and Evey just adore playing with their neighbor friends. And the girls can't resist hugging on Evey and squishing her cute little cheeks.

Neighbor Fun 07

The boys play a little...differently. Guns and football bombs. And dramatically faked carnage.

Neighbor Fun 12

I hate guns and violence. No. I HATE guns and violence. And yet I have a child who is obsessed with guns and violence. As all of the neighbor boys seem to be. It appears to be innate. Very interesting.

So as the girls had a blast being cute and posing for pictures...

Neighbor Fun 11

...the boys enjoyed trying to get their guns into the pictures as well.

Neighbor Fun 13

Neighbor Fun 14

One thing they all have in common...a tremendous amount of energy to RUN!

Neighbor Fun 09

Neighbor Fun 10

One last shot. I did a terrible job, pulled it back in two seconds as we headed out the door. But I have to show off Evey's adorable pony tail. Her hair is getting soooo long! It really changes how she looks! When I see her bald baby's hard to recognize this big girl!

Neighbor Fun 15

Potato Mania

Alright, one last potato post for those interested in the story. Mary and my dad have returned from their trip to NY. So after appearing on Letterman, the CBS Early Show, and Inside Edition...Mary did a couple of radio interviews and has appeared in some of the local news here in KC. In addition to, an article about Mary's potato appeared in today's KC Star and she made the cover of the Examiner on Thursday...

potato mania 01

potato mania 02

They have really been enjoying Mary's 15 seconds of fame. I can't imagine they will ever be able to top this trip to NY. ;-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary's Media Storm

My step-mom Mary on Letterman and on the CBS Early Show this morning...She looks great! Mary was also interviewed by Inside Edition today...should air this evening. :-)

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Heart Shaped Potato for Obama

WOW! This is an amazing story.
So...a couple of years ago my step-mother (Mary) found a heart shaped potato. Mary was amazed by the potato, and even requested the potato have its own photo shoot. :-)

potato 01

potato 02

potato 03

potato 04

potato 05

On one of their trips to NY, my dad and Mary took the potato to show Letterman and it made it on the air! We were thrilled. The famous heart shaped potato. So they are back in NY...two years later...and once again Mary took the potato to the Letterman taping. The Obama-Letterman taping! And not only did the potato make it on the air ended up in Obama's possession! The heartshaped potato is all over the headlines!

If you google "heart shaped potato, Obama" you will come across quite a list. BUT IT GETS BETTER! CBS has booked Mary for tomorrow morning on the Morning Show!!! far the little potato has come. ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tiffany...Senior Portraits

I met Tiffany for a wonderful senior portrait session over the weekend. The weather was perfection...a lovely evening for a shoot. Tiffany was a little nervous at first, but by the end of the session...she was rockin' it like a supermodel! Check out this gorgeous young lady...

tiffany 01

tiffany 02

Love this candid...

tiffany 03


tiffany 04

tiffany 05

tiffany 06

tiffany 07

tiffany 08

tiffany 09

tiffany 10


tiffany 11

tiffany 12

tiffany 13

tiffany 14

I made Tiffany's boyfriend, Aaron, jump in for a shot. :-)

tiffany 15

tiffany 16

tiffany 17

tiffany 18

I have to thank Aaron for this next shot. It was his idea to shoot her "in the bushes." If he changes his mind about music, I think he would enjoy becoming an art director. ;-)

tiffany 19

tiffany 20

tiffany 21

Thanks Tiffany for a great shoot! And Congratulations on your Senior Year! :-)