Sunday, November 30, 2008

Erin & John...Wedding

Yesterday Erin & John became husband & wife. :-)

The event took place at the lovely Hawthorn Bed & Breakfast, and the decor was wonderfully festive.

erinjohn 03

A few shots of Erin getting ready just moments before the ceremony...

with beautiful sister, Kelly...

erinjohn 01

Erin's father, Bill, peeking in on his daughter...

erinjohn 02

erinjohn 04

Erin's mother, Trish, helping Erin with her grandmother's diamond earrings...

erinjohn 05

Time to get married...

erinjohn 09

erinjohn 10

erinjohn 11

Fun shot...

erinjohn 12

A couple of handsome groom portraits...

erinjohn 13

erinjohn 14

Some portraits of the beautiful bride...
(we had a lot of fun exploring and shooting all over the house)

erinjohn 15

erinjohn 16

This landing had amazing light...

erinjohn 17

erinjohn 18

erinjohn 19

erinjohn 20

I'm a sucker for flowers in the hair...

erinjohn 29

Couldn't decide on my favorite bouquet shot...

erinjohn 08

erinjohn 07

erinjohn 06

Couple time...

erinjohn 21

LOVE this one... ;-)

erinjohn 22

erinjohn 23

erinjohn 24

erinjohn 25

erinjohn 26


erinjohn 27

It's also fun upside down...

erinjohn 28

My favorite shot from the reception...
(I'd feel bad for her...but she did start it ;-)

erinjohn 30

John's aunt, Linda, designed the beautiful bouquets. Here she is with Erin and Kelly...
(Linda owns Figgy Pudding floral designs in Independence...816.522.6568 :-)

erinjohn 32

A few fun ring shots...
(yep, couldn't decide)

erinjohn 33

erinjohn 34

erinjohn 35

Her red sash makes this picture...

erinjohn 36

CONGRATULATIONS Erin & John! I wish you both so much happiness. :-)

erinjohn 37

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

I only have a few moments before I'm heading out the door to dinner. But I did want to post just a few pics from our Thanksgiving at Jay's mom's house.

Here is Grandma Nita cuddling little Olivia...

TDay 02

Jay enjoying his meal...

TDay 01

These next ones crack me up. Bryce and Maddox were playing "tough guys" and running around without shirts. Then Louis joined in and I had to get a few shots of them showing off their muscles. These have got to be perfect for blackmail when they get older...

TDay 03

TDay 04

TDay 05

A cute shot of little Milo...and Michael too, of course...

Tday 06

And while the boys were off being boys, Evey and Olivia spent some time together. Evey really enjoyed Olivia, giving her several impromptu hugs and cuddles. Clearly mutual, here is Olivia hugging on Evey...

TDay 07

Cute girls...

TDay 08

We had a lovely time...hope you did as well! :-)

Thanksgiving Fun WINNER!

Wow...quite the turnout. ;-)

Thank you to Allison, Jennifer, and Renee who took a moment to participate in the little contest. All three ladies were entered into the drawing for a Target gift certificate! I let Maddox do the honors, drawing a name from a bowl. And the winner is...

Renee! Renee emailed me this picture from her Thanksgiving...soon to become garlic mashed potatoes. That sounds delicious. :-)

Congratulations Renee!

However, with only two runner ups...I'm sure I have a little somethin' somethin' for Allison and Jennifer as well. So everyone's a winner! Yeah!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun...

Well, it is that time of year again. Time to reflect on all of wonderful people and things that bless our lives. And time to stuff our faces with tons of food until we are miserable. :-P

In fact, this is probably my favorite Thanksgiving picture I have ever taken. This was quite a few years ago, I had to go digging in the archives. This was even back when I shot film. FILM! ;-) I call it "Thanksgiving Stupor" - shot shortly after completing our Thanksgiving meal that year at Jay's grandma's house.

thanksgiving 01

So I think we should have a contest. It has been a LONG time! You can enter two ways...

1) In the comments section below, tell me what you are thankful for. (Make sure you leave at least your first name.)
2) Send me a photo that YOU have taken that makes you think of Thanksgiving or perhaps who/what you are thankful for.

Leave your comment here or email your image to me at by Friday at noon. Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate to Target...great for holiday shopping. ;-)

Oh, how I love Target. I am definitely thankful for Target! :-)

And just for fun, make sure you vote in the Thanksgiving poll....


Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Evey Walking?

I've been getting that question a lot lately so thought I would give an Evey update. So is Evey walking? Yes and no. She CAN walk. However, for some reason she seems afraid to go long distances and prefers her various methods of cruising, crawling, and scooting. She is much faster at these methods, perhaps that is why they win out over walking most of the time.

eveykins 01

eveykins 02

So I tried to get some pictures of her in action but it wasn't easy. I had to put her out a ways and then run back and grab the camera.

eveykins 03

eveykins 04

She was already on her way, plus I realized her hair was coming out of her bow. Her hair is getting so long that it is in her eyes without a bow or barette. However, if she finds the hair accessory, she removes it. So it's a constant battle. I fixed her hair and gave it another try...

eveykins 05

eveykins 06

eveykins 07

One more try. Here she is concentrating...

eveykins 08

and requesting assistance...

eveykins 09

I will have to try to videotape her in action this weekend and post a little video clip if I get a chance. :-)