Monday, November 10, 2008

Chris, Dan, Elise & Connor...Family Portraits

My sister invited us to dinner over the weekend...and we stepped out for a quick mini portrait session beforehand. They were in need of some updated family portraits. So here are some of my favorites...

rimble 04

rimble 05

rimble 06

rimble 07

I call this next one "Family Tree" :-P
(I just can't resist a reflection!)

rimble 08

I think this is probably my top pick - nice and relaxed...

rimble 09

Just Chris & Dan...

rimble 10

My niece, Elise, cracks me up. Anytime I point the camera at her - she can immediately strike a hilarious pose. Not suprisingly, she is quite talented in the drama department. She will definitely be the star of some school plays. :-)

rimble 11

rimble 12

Probably my runner-up top pick...

rimble 13

Connor & Elise...

rimble 14

Elise loved this tree so I had her stand with it for a picture. Can you believe this girl is in the 6th grade?! I can't. She's already taller than me...again, not difficult to accomplish. But still...I think this could practically pass for a senior portrait! Where does the time go?

rimble 15

Since we were all together for dinner, we planned on grabbing a quick shot of the 4 grandkids together for our parents.

rimble 03

But this next one is my absolute favorite from the attempt at a grandkids portrait. Their cat, Ozzie, kept walking into the picture which would immediately distract Evey because of her animal obsession. So here is Evey petting Ozzie, and then Connor started patting & rubbing Evey's back. Elise is clearly checking out for a moment. But the best part of Maddox standing so prim and proper in the middle of it all with glazed eyes and a forced smile. Hilarious! I think I may frame this one... :-P

rimble 02

Evey is just in heaven at Aunt Chris' house because her cat and dog actually let Evey pet them. Ours head quickly in the opposite direction when they see poor Evey approaching. She's usually quite gentle...

rimble 01

And I have to sneak one more of mine in. Evey wouldn't touch a drop of her dinner...I think she was just too restless and wanting to explore and play. But she sat very still and inhaled a whole lot of pumpkin pie when it was time for dessert. So here are a couple shots of Evey enjoying her first ever pumpkin pie...yum!

rimble 16


Click Photography Owner said...

I think you should frame that one pic with Maddox and no one else looking at you. That is too funny! That's basically how my pictures turn out when I try to get both my kids in the photo. BTW, your kids are soooo adorable in those clothes.

sarah g said...

Is Evey walking? She certainly looks quite agile when petting that cat. REALLY CUTE. Thanks for sharing.