Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Miss Evey's first official trick or treating expedition!
Here she is dressed as a cute little bat...
(The bat costume had two little pointy teeth on the hood that are obscured by her curls. However, she normally fights hoods off and I didn't want to push my luck. ;-)

trick or treat 02

Maddox tricked me. At one point he was going to be a vampire so I ordered Evey's bat costume online. I thought a vampire and a bat would be a cute pair. But then he changed his mind...again! (Darth Vader - Skeleton - Vampire - Skeleton)
I just can't believe he wanted to be a skeleton. He was a skeleton last year! So for the second year in a row...Maddox the skeleton.

trick or treat 01

Trick or Treating skeleton...

trick or treat 03

Trick or Treating bat...

trick or treat 04

After a few houses, Evey and I returned to the house to give out candy. Her bat costume was as heavy as a winter coat - so I changed her into this beautiful outfit she got for her birthday from my friend, Becca. I thought it was still sort of costumey...but MUCH cooler given the unseasonably warm weather. Evey enjoyed keeping a watchful eye over the bowl of candy...

trick or treat 05

Happy Halloween! :-)

trick or treat 06

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