Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trudy...Family Portraits

Trudy wanted to get some pictures taken of her grandbabies while they were in town for a visit. So here are a few favorites from yesterday's session...

The session kind of focused around the newest family addition. This is sweet little Gabriella (AKA Ella) who is 1 month old. Awwww...

beafam 01

beafam 02

Her older sister, Kyra, is such an amazing big sis! She just adores little Ella.

beafam 03

I really liked these shots with Ella and her mama, Tina. Sweet. :-)

beafam 04

beafam 05

beafam 06

Kyra has such a fun relationship with her grandpa Jim. Here they are growling at each other...

beafam 07

Baby Ella again...

beafam 08

All dolled up with her sister...

beafam 09

At one point, Kyra had Ella in a little doll stroller. She was a perfect fit! ;-)

beafam 10

Lovely Kyra...

beafam 11

Ella announcing that she is now hungry and sleepy...

beafam 12

Getting some lovin' from Grandma Trudy...

beafam 13

See what I mean? Great big sister!!

beafam 14

beafam 15

These next two adorable little girls are sisters as well... ;-)

beafam 16

beafam 17

Oh yes. Full tummy and a nice nap...

beafam 18

I'm told Kyra spends a lot of time here, so I wanted to get her in her natural habitat. ;-)

beafam 19

With the kids napping/playing...I had to snag a couple of Trudy and her hubby, Jim. Trudy absolutely loves and collects all things iris. So here they are in her iris mirror. ;-)

beafam 20

Jim has a different passion. Check out what was in the garage! :-)

beafam 21


beafam 22


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