Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jennifer...Anytime Portraits

So the idea for this photoshoot arose last winter or spring...and after countless postponements due to conflicting schedules, inclement weather, and running injuries...we finally managed to get it done! :-)

My friend, Jennifer, is an avid runner. She trains like crazy and is extremely much so that she has run the Boston Marathon on multiple occasions. So one day last year I thought to ask her if she had any nice portraits of her in action...and she did not. I felt this was a shame since running has been such an enormous part of her life.

My goal was to provide her with an image that would look really cool in her house as a piece of celebrate her love for running. Which image do you think would be worthy of artistic display? You can leave your vote in the comments section below... :-)

We started off with just a few regular portraits...

jen 01

jen 02

jen 03

And then it was time to run...

jen 04

I don't get to shoot much action I was playing around quite a bit. The results vary...some more abstract and out there than others. ;-)

jen 06

jen 07

jen 08

jen 09

jen 10

jen 11

jen 12

jen 13

jen 14

jen 15

jen 16

Run Jen Run! :-)


Rebecca Gomez said...

#11 I think she looks awesome as just a great portrait. I like #5 as an artsy one.

sarah g said...

#8 or #9 for a cool artsy one for the house... they look like something you'd buy at a running store. Only, now it is better b/c it is her in action.

Anonymous said...

I also think 8 & 9 would be great pieces of art to have up. They're so cool!

Stephanie said...

I agree that 8 and 9 are more artsy. I like the shots of 6 and 10.

Amy W said...

I like 8 for artistic expression...VERY COOL!! 1 & 4 look like posters, I think a quote at the bottom of what Jennifer feels about running..where it takes her to or from. ;)

Debbie P said...

I liked 5, 8 & 9 I agree that 8 and 9 would be a great wall decoration.

Debbie P

Anonymous said...

8 or 1

Click Photography Owner said...

#5 (big fan of sun flare) & #9 (also a big fan of multi-shots) are my favs, but they are all wall-worthy. She is very beautiful and has a great smile. Great job getting her some shots of her passion.