Monday, November 3, 2008

P.I.F. Christine...Family Portraits

So, awhile back I posted my own family portraits taken through the Pay-It-Forward project. (Roadside Families) We had to reschedule once or twice due to weather and life...but this weekend I was able to pay-it-forward with Christine and her family!

A quick self-portrait...
(And yes, my legs are that long and skinny. At least in my dreams ;-)

PIF 02

And the real subjects of this post...
(Christine + Niki + Mimi + Matt + Tate)

PIF 01

Matt + Tate, Christine + Niki...

PIF 03

PIF 04

PIF 05

Matt + Niki + Christine + Tate + Mimi...

PIF 06

So this is Christie...

PIF 10

her hubby Matt...

PIF 11

her son Tate...

PIF 07

her daughter Niki...

PIF 09

her lovely grandma Mimi...

PIF 12

Tate & Niki were both very fond of making goofy faces for the camera. I just can't figure out where they get their silliness from... ;-)

PIF 08

The whole gang...
(wearing their favorite t-shirts)

PIF 13

Cute little Niki...

PIF 14

Niki is quite the little dancer...

PIF 15

I think Tate could be a dancer as well. These shots make me think of the movie Billy Elliot every time I look at them...

PIF 16

PIF 17

Christie is quite silly and ornery... :-)

PIF 18

PIF 19

I'm sure that's why Matt loves her so... ;-)

PIF 20

Christie also wanted to continue the altf tradition of bringing a personal item to the session. So we did some shots to showcase these personal items.

Matt channeling Clapton... ;-)

PIF 22

PIF 21

Mimi with...???
Any guesses?

PIF 23

Apparently it is a hood opener. Ahhh....
???? ;-)
Whatever. She sure is cute with it...

PIF 24

Little Princess Niki strutted her stuff all over the place...

PIF 25

Reminded us of another film, Enchanted, where the princess falls through the well and lands herself in New York City. I was intrigued by the contrast between the princess and the city ruins...

PIF 26

PIF 27

Tate playing with Lego Star Wars figures...

PIF 28

...while being sheltered from imaginary rain by his sister. ;-)

PIF 29

Tate's official personal item, his soccer ball...

PIF 30

PIF 31

Christie in her stealthy, hunter/photographer pose... :-P

PIF 32

PIF 33

PIF 34

Christie with Mimi...

PIF 35

And the whole gang again...

PIF 36

PIF 37


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Click Photography Owner said...

I am TOOOOOO jealous of your mad skills. You made ME, yes ME, look fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These pictures are amazing. I showed them to my mother-in-law and about half way through she was in tears. She's a basketcase, but she loved them that much. They mean a lot to us all.