Thursday, September 18, 2008

Us...Family Portraits

You read that correctly! For once, I got a chance to be on the other side of the camera.

So here's the deal...John Michael & Dalisa Cooper (the amazing artists of altf photography) recently started the Pay-It-Forward Project. The basic idea is that we, as photographers, are noticeably missing from our family portraits. So when they toured the U.S. for their very altf tour (that I attended in August), they took the time to photograph some photographer's families along the way...roadside portraits. Each of those photographers in turn must now photograph another family, and so forth, and so on. Cool right?!

You can follow the project at Roadside!

Anyways - we were lucky enough to have our pictures taken by a local photographer here in KC that I really admire...the uber talented Jason Domingues. He posted a little sneak peek on his blog - so I wanted to post his images here as well to share with you all! These are our first ever family portraits with all four of us - plus pictures of ME with the kids. Wild! :-)



I'm thrilled and can't thank Jason enough!

So, now it is my turn...
If you are a photographer in need of family portraits with YOU in them - I am offering you a free portrait session with yours truly. However, you must be willing to pay-it-forward! Just get in touch with me...

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Josh said...

I saw those on Jason's blog. Looks like you guys got some great pics!