Monday, September 1, 2008

Susan...Family Portraits

Yesterday I met Susan, who wanted to create some family portraits while all of her kids and grandkids were in town. Here she is with the little ones...Malcolm, Megan, and Sean...

dolfam 01

and one with the big kids, Dave & Christine...

dolfam 04

and then with the kids AND the grandkids...

dolfam 03

It's a miracle we got any pictures with the two boys. Apparently it has been a whole year since they last saw each other - and boy were they excited! I think this picture captures the energy level they managed to maintain throughout the entire shoot...

dolfam 02

Jennifer with little Megan who is getting so big...

dolfam 05

The boys played a bit of catch while we packed up to head off to the next location... (I know it looks like Sean is about to take one in the face - but he did actually catch this ;-)

dolfam 06

dolfam 07

Arriving to take some pictures. Look how excited they are for their portrait session!

dolfam 08

Okay, actually they ran right past me and kept running and running.
I love the intense look on Malcolm's face...he is all business. ;-)

dolfam 09

Christine, Malcolm (LOVE the ornery expression) & Graeme...

dolfam 10

Sean, Dave, Jennifer & Megan...

dolfam 11

And back to playing...

dolfam 12

The whole gang!

dolfam 13

Love this series of Sean - just unable to contain his enthusiasm at times. :-)

dolfam 14

dolfam 15

dolfam 16

dolfam 17

dolfam 18

Malcolm & Sean actually wore themselves out enough to take a 15 second nap. ;-)

dolfam 19

And then back to playing...

dolfam 20

Another shot of Susan with her kids...

dolfam 21

And her kids with their respective families...

dolfam 22

dolfam 23

I absolutely love this shot of Susan laughing in the middle of the chaotic wrangling of children...

dolfam 24

The whole gang again...

dolfam 25

And back to playing...

dolfam 26

Sweet shot of Susan and baby Megan...

dolfam 27

Phew! I'm sure you all worked up quite an appetite. I hope the boys were able to sit still long enough to enjoy a meal. :-) Thanks for the great shoot!

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