Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anna & Daryl...Wedding

While there were no tornadoes for Anna & Daryl's was STILL RAINING! So if it is true that rain on your wedding day is good luck, this weekend's couples are very very lucky indeed!

Beautiful Anna...

annadaryl 04

Checkin' out her man...

annadaryl 02

annadaryl 03

annadaryl 01

annadaryl 06

Anna's bouquet included some Stargazer of my favorite flowers!

annadaryl 05

annadaryl 10

Handsome Daryl...

annadaryl 08

annadaryl 07

Anna & Daryl's son, Carson, is just plain adorable. I could have just followed him around all day taking a ton of cute pictures.

annadaryl 09

Carson with sweet sweet (yes, double sweet) flower girl, McKenzi...

annadaryl 11

I was taking some pictures with Anna and saw everyone laughing at something behind me...

annadaryl 12

annadaryl 13

annadaryl 15

annadaryl 14

annadaryl 16

annadaryl 17

Playing around at the reception...

annadaryl 18

Anna & Daryl included Carson in the first dance - awwww...

annadaryl 19

I went to get a picture of the lucky lady who caught the bouquet with the lucky gentleman who caught the garter...and found them full on smooching! I'd say they quite definitely will be next... ;-)

annadaryl 20

Anna seemed to have a good time dancing with Daryl's father, John...
P.S. I love John's smile. :-)

annadaryl 21

annadaryl 22

Congratulations Anna & Daryl!


Rebecca Gomez said...

Love the background of the metallic strap-like artwork!

Kim Glover said...

Really awesome pictures Sarah!! You definately captured this lovely couple!!

Anna- you look gorgeous.. absolutely radiant!! More importantly, you are that way on the inside too!! I have a sweet memory of you.. it was when Carson started crying right before you were to walk down the aisle, you took it all in stride & did not turn into a stressed-out Bridezilla!! (ha!) I love that about you!!! It was so sweet, I started to tear-up!!

Your wedding was so beautiful & I feel so blessed that I got to share in your special day!! Best Wishes to You, Daryl & Carson.. ALWAYS!

Love, Kim Glover

P.S. Jim & I are celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary today!! WoWweeee!! It's the perfect time of year to get married!! ;)