Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zoo Trip

We have had some exceptional weather lately. I could do without all the rain - but the cooler temperatures have been a pleasant change. Sunday was absolutely perfect and we decided to enjoy the outdoors with a trip to the zoo. It had been awhile since we last visited. Here are some favorites from our day at the zoo...

zoo 01

I tried to get Maddox to check out this amazing snake but he stayed at least 6 feet away at all times. I couldn't even get him to walk past the snake to go check out one of the birds they had out for the animal show. He was trying to play it cool - but he was clearly freaked out by the snake. I'm surprised - given his obsession with the outdoors and bugs and Bear Grylls! Whatever. :-)

zoo 02

Maddox loves playing in that huge tree! Here he is heading for the top...

zoo 03

And Evey down below...

zoo 04

Then Grandma Donna headed up with Maddox...

zoo 05 I could hang with little Evey. I must point out that while I love the legwarmers on little ones, my child does not have the appropriate physique. We ended up having to take them off shortly after this because they were cutting into her chubby little legs. She's going to need to slim down first. ;-)

zoo 06

zoo 07

zoo 08

zoo 09

Maddox enjoyed the playground quite a bit...

zoo 10

zoo 11

I did NOT enjoy this "fun"house mirror. ha!

zoo 12

But Maddox did...

zoo 13

My cute mama (AKA Grandma Donna)...

zoo 14

And we almost always have to catch the sea lion show. They are so amazing!

zoo 15


zoo 16

zoo 17

zoo 18

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