Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday in Paradise

We spent a couple of hours at Paradise Park on Sunday with cousins Elise & Connor, Aunt Chris, Grandma Donna & Grandpa Lee. There is a ton of stuff to do at this place...thus I took tons of pictures. And we only went to the Child Edutainment Center for a couple of hours! There was more to do at the center that we didn't get a chance to experience, let alone all of the other attractions at Paradise Park. We will definitely have to go back when we have more time.

Maddox & Connor started in the play room with the ball pit. This is Maddox saying "I love you, mommy" which tends to be what he says a lot when he first gets to a new place. That phrase always melts my heart so I soak it up every chance I get. ;-)

web park 01

I wonder who first came up with the idea for a pit full of brightly colored balls for kids to play in...very interesting.

web park 02

web park 03

Evey got to play in a baby ball pit in the baby room...

web park 04

And Evey just loves meeting other kids...

web park 05

Elise qualified as an "adult" to get into the edutainment center! So she mainly hung out with the adults. ;-)

web park 06

Maddox's favorite area was the play city complete with bank, HyVee, pizza restaurant, etc. I first saw him (disguised as a construction worker) robbing the HyVee with an imaginary gun. Not exactly a proud moment for me. ;-)

web park 09

But when I checked back later, he had cleaned up his act a bit. This time he was wearing some sort of NASA helmet while he withdrew some cash from the bank (without force or violence) to take to the HyVee cash register. Nice of HyVee to hire a part-time astronaut with a previous record of burglary in their very own store. ;-)

web park 10

Evey's favorite attraction was the window. She's pretty easy to please! She liked exploring the glass (and possibly her reflection) with her whole hand...

web park 07

and her favorite pointer finger...

web park 08

The boys made a quick stop in the water play area...

web park 11

...getting nice and wet before heading outside where Connor got caught in a web.

web park 12

Elise even cut loose a bit in the outdoor play area.

web park 13

Maddox loved the "fishing pond"...

web park 14

Evey was enjoying the window yet again...

web park 15

So I headed in to check on her...

web park 16

Evey was having a lovely time hanging out with Grandma Donna. Windows and feet...it doesn't take much to keep her entertained. ;-)

web park 17

web park 18

Okay...I will stop the onslaught of photos. Have a happy day!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Engagement Portraits...Sarah & Stephen

Well, I'm afraid Katelyn did not hold the "windiest photo shoot" title for long. Not only was last night's photo shoot with Sarah & Stephen even windier...it was also much colder! Brrrrrr!

Sarah is a nurse and Stephen is a paramedic...that tells you a lot about their character. Plus Stephen dabbles in photography on the side...so obviously he is super cool. ;-) In addition to being wonderful individuals, they are even more fabulous as a couple!

So let's get to the pictures! VOTE for your favorite in the comments section below and Sarah & Stephen will get a free 8x10 of the winning image! Here are some of my favorites...

web ss 01

web ss 02

web ss 03

web ss 04

web ss 05

I love how Stephen looks at Sarah...so sweet!

web ss 06

web ss 07

web ss 08

This shot was inspired by a maternity shot from The Image is Found...LOVE THEM!

web ss 09

web ss 10

Perhaps a little too ominous for an engagement shot? I like it anyways!

web ss 11

We finally had to go inside to escape the cold and wind!

web ss 12

web ss 13

web ss 14

web ss 15

Thanks Sarah & Stephen! See you in June!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sick and Tired

Here is how poor little Evey has been feeling lately...

web e 01

So sad. Evey has been sick for a whole week now! For the most part she seems to be recovering but it is still up and down...she's fine one minute...sick and tired the next. Here are a few pics from yesterday morning when she was feeling pretty good.

web e 03

Look at those cheeks!

web e 04

Here you can see her index finger in its most common position...fully extended for serious poking action. Sometimes she has both index fingers at full point simultaneously. She loves to point and poke!

web e 05

Maddox being silly...

web e 02

I love this shot of Maddox and Evey "playing together." I like to pretend that he didn't wrench the book away from her a fraction of a second after I tripped the shutter.

web e 06

As I said...she loves to poke at things. Here she is exploring Maddox toes...

web e 07

I can't wait for my little Evey to be feeling 100% again!

web e 08

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Yesterday we celebrated Mackenzie's 5th birthday at Air Zone.

web mack 05

There were a ton of kids running around, squealing, and having a fabulous time. Maddox found it all quite entertaining but just wanted to watch for awhile...

web mack 08

My favorite picture of the day - Mackenzie's little brother Carter sliding with an expression of pure joy...

web mack 06

Maddox was finally willing to give it a try - but I had to come along...

web mack 09

Once he got going he had a fabulous time. We were climbing, sliding, squeezing through tiny openings (at least they seemed tiny to me!), and bouncing all around! It was a lot of fun.

web mack 10

web mack 04

Then the kids attacked their cake with reckless abandon! You never see this kind of dedication when vegetables are involved. :-)

web mack 03

web mack 02

web mack 01

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

web mack 07