Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm a Fool

I had a fleeting thought this morning...my dad is going to call and prank me today. And then several hours later he did...and I STILL fell for it! He had me hooked with a story about a neighbor that climbed on his roof wearing nothing but some black socks throwing rocks at anyone who tried to come in his yard. It sounds completely ridiculous...I realize that now. But that's how good my dad is at telling these stories! He includes all kinds of background information and details and really gets into the story telling.

Anyways...the least I can do is warn others. So be on the lookout for this man seen here in a recent photo.

web fool 01

He has been known to wear many disguises...

web fool 02

April Fools Day is his favorite holiday and he has many targets. Don't believe any stories about black-sock only clad rock-throwing neighbors...or anything else he says today! ;-)

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