Sunday, April 6, 2008

NATURE Photo Contest

At long is finally here! SPRING! I don't go by a date on the calendar. Spring is when you have buds on the trees, the grass is turning green, and most importantly...the first flowers are in bloom.

web spring 01

I think we should celebrate spring's arrival with another SRP Photo Contest. This contest is open to anybody and everybody...yes, that means you!

Hopefully everyone is ready to get let's focus on NATURE. Grab your camera and head for the backyard, the park, the zoo, your local Earth Day festivities, etc. I will leave NATURE open to interpretation. This doesn't have to be a picture of a flower or animal...get creative and have fun with it!

- DEADLINE for all entries is Sunday, April 27th.
- You may submit no more than 2 images and must be willing to have your picture(s) posted on the blog.
- Attach your photos in an email message and send to
- Be sure to include the photographer's full name and any information you care to share about the story behind the photo(s) you are submitting.

(If possible…size your images to 1800 pixels on the long side…or save your images for the web. If you have no idea what this means…don’t worry – just send me your pictures.)

I haven't decided on the prizes quite yet...but I'm sure they will be fabulous. ;-)
I can't wait to see your images! Happy Shooting!

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