Monday, April 14, 2008


Abbey, Michael, and the kids weren't able to visit at Easter due to several viruses that seemed to cycle through their family. Everyone was finally healthy and they were able to visit this weekend! So Sunday morning we had breakfast followed by yet another easter egg hunt at Grandma Nita's house.

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Louis was a fantastic helper. Not only did he help hide the eggs with Grandpa Bob...he also helped the little ones find the eggs and also managed to entertain their new puppy.

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Here is Grandpa Bob with a mystery fungus he found growing in the yard. I'll skip the fun guy/fungi joke. ;-)

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And here is that sweet puppy I mentioned...little Milo!

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Evey enjoyed a vintage rattle...

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And Maddox was once again fascinated by Mario...this time he was thrilled to have his cousin Bryce to play with him.

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We had a very busy weekend...Maddox got lots of playdates with friends and cousins on both sides of the family. I'll try to get a chance to post another pic or two from the weekend sometime tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...even though it was way too cold and even snowed a little. But things are warming up this week...yeah!

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