Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Yesterday we celebrated Mackenzie's 5th birthday at Air Zone.

web mack 05

There were a ton of kids running around, squealing, and having a fabulous time. Maddox found it all quite entertaining but just wanted to watch for awhile...

web mack 08

My favorite picture of the day - Mackenzie's little brother Carter sliding with an expression of pure joy...

web mack 06

Maddox was finally willing to give it a try - but I had to come along...

web mack 09

Once he got going he had a fabulous time. We were climbing, sliding, squeezing through tiny openings (at least they seemed tiny to me!), and bouncing all around! It was a lot of fun.

web mack 10

web mack 04

Then the kids attacked their cake with reckless abandon! You never see this kind of dedication when vegetables are involved. :-)

web mack 03

web mack 02

web mack 01

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

web mack 07


sarah g said...

Great photos! What is the picture on Maddox's shirt? I can't tell and it looks funny...

Sarah Rimel said...

That would be a lion wearing eyeglasses on Maddox's shirt. I don't know why. I just liked it. It's from a cool company called threadless - go to!