Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Senior Portraits...Katelyn

Third time IS a charm for Katelyn's senior portraits! We have postponed her shoot two times due to uncooperative weather this spring. And yesterday was my windiest shoot to date...beyond supermodel-hair-windy. At times it was hold-on-to-something-so-you-don't-blow-away-windy. But no worries...Katelyn rocked the shoot.

First off, this isn't Katelyn ;-)
but I have to share a picture of a very cool cat we saw in a window right before we started shooting. The cat seemed very interested in what we were doing...

web kat 16

Katelyn will be attending MU next year (my personal alma mater...awesome school) - I believe she said she will be majoring in art history and archaeology. Very cool! At least until she finds a way to make money as a professional graffiti artist.

web kat 15

I like the subtle reflection in this one...

web kat 14

web kat 02

web kat 01

web kat 03x

We found a really neat door!

web kat 04

web kat 05

Now this one is currently my FAVORITE picture of the day...the sun was bouncing off of a building across the street creating an amazing glow right on her face. Super cool!

web kat 06

Workin' it...

web kat 07

Love the freckles!

web kat 08

web kat 09

web kat 10

I know this is a lot of photos. I can't stop! A few more fun ones...

web kat 11

web kat 12

Grace under pressure...maintaining composure even though a very strange man began to take an active interest in our photo shoot. ;-)

web kat 13

And I must mention Katelyn's sweet friend Jordan who came along for moral support. Isn't she adorable?!

web kat 17

Thanks girls! It was a lot of fun!


MP3 e MP4 said...
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Rebecca Gomez said...

My favorite is web kat 03! And workin' it! Cute of the two girls too. Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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