Sunday, March 28, 2010

William...Baby Portraits

Yesterday, I got to photograph little 4-week-old William. Just adorable!! And we also snagged some pics with Mom (Megan) and big sis (Annelise). I really enjoyed Annelise, who is almost exactly my daughter's age. Beautiful and sweet.

william 01

william 02

william 03

william 04

william 05

william 06

Ah Chooooo!

william 07

william 08

william 09

william 10

william 12

william 13

william 14

william 15

william 16

william 17

william 18

william 19

william 20

william 21

william 22

william 23

william 24

william 25

william 26

william 27

william 28

william 29

william 30

william 31

Welcome William! And thanks, Megan, for the baby fix. :-)

Happy Birthday Becca!

My friend, Becca, has just turned 30! Yeah!
Her family had a lovely party to celebrate her milestone, along with her mother's milestone birthday #60. And I was happy to document the event...and eat some delicious cake and icecream. :-)

becca bday 05

becca bday 06

Larry the dog. HILARIOUS! Turns out cameras drive this dog absolutely bananas. He tries to bite cameras. So if Larry was in the house while I was shooting...he was pretty much attached to my leg trying to get the camera. Too funny.

becca bday 01

When I arrived, Taylor was solving his 5x5 Rubiks cube. I couldn't do the 3x3 cubes when I was a kid. I just tried to take it apart and put it back together again. Taylor is a pro.

becca bday 02

becca bday 03

becca bday 04

becca bday 07

becca bday 08

Larry is still there...

becca bday 09

becca bday 10

becca bday 11

Still there. Look at the foam on the tongue! He wants that camera bad...

becca bday 12

becca bday 13

becca bday 14

becca bday 15


becca bday 16

He can even do patterns...

Taylor Rubiks Master from Sarah Rimel on Vimeo.

becca bday 17

Larry got put outside for awhile...

becca bday 18

becca bday 19

I love Becca's red bandana. It was apparently to make her izod shirt more feminine. Nice! :-)

becca bday 20

becca bday 21

becca bday 22

becca bday 23

becca bday 24

becca bday 25

becca bday 26

becca bday 27

Larry's back...

becca bday 29

becca bday 30

becca bday 31


becca bday 32

becca bday 33

becca bday 34

Watching the game...tense moment?

becca bday 35

Love birds...

becca bday 36

The birthday girls...

becca bday 28