Friday, March 12, 2010

Certified Green!

I have been certified as a Premier member of Greener Photography! I am very proud to be a part of this organization.


I have added my GREEN Policy to my website as follows:

Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to Sarah Rimel Photography, as it is to our clients. To support this common goal, we operate in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. In an effort to achieve these commitments, we...

...use natural resources as efficiently as possible and take every opportunity to reduce/reuse/recycle.

· monitor energy and water consumption and make every effort to conserve through the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs, energy star appliances, and individual sustainable choices
· all incoming packaging materials (cardboard, paper, air bags, etc.) are reused or recycled
· virtually all outgoing packaging materials (cardboard, tissue, envelopes, etc.) are reused items or are made with a high proportion of recycled material
· minimize use of paper by moving information electronically (website/blog/email/pdf) and print double-sided on recycled paper when digital communication is not feasible
· office furniture and supplies are refurbished or made of recycled materials whenever possible
· vehicles are well maintained and consumption of fuel is closely monitored; care is taken to not waste energy through inefficiency or casualness

...choose to source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and who are geographically local to us to reduce delivery miles

...offer and continue to actively seek Earth-friendly products (such as e-cards, canvas prints, and albums/frames)

...offer discounts on our services to environmental non-profits

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