Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jennifer + Jake...Engagement Portraits

Yesterday's engagement session was just a little sweeter and a little more special than usual...because Jennifer is actually my cousin! Well, a cousin by marriage. So does that make Jake my future step-cousin-in-law? haha
Somantics aside, I have known Jennifer since we were little kids and it is so wonderful that she has found LOVE and even more wonderful that I get to capture this special time for them. So let's get to my favorite images from their session!

VOTE for your favorite in the COMMENTS section below. Jennifer and Jake will receive an 8x10 of the most popular image!

We started at the Uptown where they will hold their reception in November to celebrate their newlywed status...

jakifer 02

Jennifer's smile is usually accompanied by a really cute giggle. I can hear it now...

jakifer 03

I absolutely love shooting on the street, there is always so much life and movement.

jakifer 04

jakifer 05


jakifer 08

jakifer 06

jakifer 07

So LOVED Jennifer's shoes...

jakifer 09

jakifer 10

Rebels! Breaking two of three rules...

jakifer 11

This one makes me happy. :-)

jakifer 12

There is nothing more romantic than a construction site. Am I right? haha ;-)

jakifer 13

jakifer 14

When I sat Jake on the ground, he couldn't keep his hands off Jennifer's legs! Loved it. She does have some fantastic legs. ;-)

jakifer 15

An odd shot, I'll admit. But I enjoy odd...

jakifer 16

I went a little crazy at this fence, but the light was SWEET!

jakifer 18

jakifer 19

jakifer 20

jakifer 21

Warm... :-)

jakifer 22

jakifer 23

jakifer 24

jakifer 25

jakifer 26

We made a quick pit-stop. Mission Pet Mart is owned by Jake's aunt and uncle, and we couldn't resist this mural. Jake actually helped paint the wall...the blue base. Jake's aunt is responsible for the amazing animals.

jakifer 30

jakifer 29

jakifer 27


jakifer 28

I watched the fishies swim while Jennifer and Jake could slip into something a little more comfortable...

jakifer 31

Our final destination...

jakifer 32

Jake took Jennifer to a Pizza Shoppe for their first date, which is a source of great amusement for many family and friends. So we had to stop for some pizza and capture some images where it all began. Love amongst the pizza and "pink stuff"...

jakifer 33

jakifer 34

Aren't they an adorable couple? :-)

jakifer 35

jakifer 36

jakifer 37

Thanks for the pizza and a fun session. And CONGRATULATIONS again on your engagement. I can't wait for the BIG DAY in November! :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Miss Social

One more kid post to keep the family happy. Evey and I headed outside last night to wait for the boys so we could leave to go to dinner. (Doesn't that seem strange? The girls waiting for the boys to get ready?) So I grabbed the camera to play with while we waited. A little boy on a bike kept riding back and forth in front of our house...and every time he went past he got a loud "HI!" repeated several times and a bunch of very enthusiastic waving from little Evey.

greeter 01

greeter 02

Then she gave him her "shocked and awed face" though I'm not sure why. Maybe he did a cool trick while I wasn't looking. ;-)

greeter 03

Then Maddox appeared ready to go so I grabbed a couple of quick shots of the two of them.

greeter 04

greeter 05

Big Shoes to Fill

I came across a few pictures I took the other day that made me laugh. Little Evey came shuffling into the room wearing my shoes. It would have been cute no matter what, but the fact that she was only wearing a pajama top and her diaper sweetened the deal. Those pudgy little adorable legs!

shoes 01

shoes 02

And I spoke too soon on ending the battle of the bows/barettes. This is Evey's general appearance at this point, with a bunch of hair hanging down in her face. That would drive me crazy, but she takes out anything I put in place to help with the situation. So I guess she likes it that way. :-)

shoes 03

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keara...Anytime Portraits

Keara decided it was time for some new portraits since she hadn't had any pictures taken since her senior year of high school. Keara and I both share a love of frogs and photography. The frog thing is probably pretty random for both of us, I don't know. ;-) Keara is an aspiring photographer...currently in school majoring in business (SMART!) with a minor in photography.

Let's get to those are some of my favorites from our time together yesterday...

keara 01

keara 02

keara 03

Proof that I'm really funny... ;-) jk

keara 04

We found some tall grass with itty bitty yellow flowers. Very neat. So I snagged a pretty picture of Keara investigating...

keara 05

( is called goosefoot! I knew it was goose-something. ;-)

keara 06

keara 07

keara 08

Nature girl...

keara 09

keara 10

keara 11

keara 12

keara 13

keara 14

keara 15

keara 16

keara 17

I so LOVE this! Too funny.

keara 18

keara 19

keara 20

keara 21

keara 22

keara 23

Nice sunset...

keara 24

keara 25

keara 26

keara 27

Sneaking up on the pretty deer... ;-)

keara 28

keara 30

keara 29

Thanks Keara! Hope you enjoyed some ice cream and a nice rest. ;-)