Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

I came across a few pictures I took the other day that made me laugh. Little Evey came shuffling into the room wearing my shoes. It would have been cute no matter what, but the fact that she was only wearing a pajama top and her diaper sweetened the deal. Those pudgy little adorable legs!

shoes 01

shoes 02

And I spoke too soon on ending the battle of the bows/barettes. This is Evey's general appearance at this point, with a bunch of hair hanging down in her face. That would drive me crazy, but she takes out anything I put in place to help with the situation. So I guess she likes it that way. :-)

shoes 03

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Click Photography Owner said...

Her baby cheeks are getting smaller and smaller by the post. Crazy I've watched her change so much in the short time I've known you. Adorable.