Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Miss Social

One more kid post to keep the family happy. Evey and I headed outside last night to wait for the boys so we could leave to go to dinner. (Doesn't that seem strange? The girls waiting for the boys to get ready?) So I grabbed the camera to play with while we waited. A little boy on a bike kept riding back and forth in front of our house...and every time he went past he got a loud "HI!" repeated several times and a bunch of very enthusiastic waving from little Evey.

greeter 01

greeter 02

Then she gave him her "shocked and awed face" though I'm not sure why. Maybe he did a cool trick while I wasn't looking. ;-)

greeter 03

Then Maddox appeared ready to go so I grabbed a couple of quick shots of the two of them.

greeter 04

greeter 05

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Stephanie said...

I love Evey's dress. Very stylish!