Sunday, May 10, 2009

Becky...Senior Portraits

I had a great time hanging out with Becky yesterday to capture some last minute senior portraits. She is actually graduating CONGRATULATIONS Becky! :-)
She claimed she was a little uncomfortable in front of the camera when we got started, but you never would have known it...she did a fantastic job. And by the time the session ended, she was rocking it like a supermodel. ;-) Here are some of my favorite images...

becky 01

I love her expression here...

becky 02

I love that I caught this...her supermodel look. Very Zoolander. ;-)
haha I love it!

becky 03

becky 04

So perfect, I see this painting in the window and suggest we include it in a shot. Turns out she has Hendrix on her wall at home!

becky 05

The sun came out to play...

becky 06

and brought her friend shadows...

becky 07

The light in this alley was awesome and I went a little crazy shooting...

becky 08

becky 09

becky 10

Too much light. haha

becky 11

And I just had to feature those amazing shoes!

becky 12

becky 13

becky 14

becky 15


becky 16

becky 17

becky 18

becky 19

becky 20

becky 21

becky 22

becky 23

becky 24

becky 25

Urban nature... ;-)

becky 26


becky 28

becky 30

becky 31

becky 29

One more...

becky 27

Becky - you are awesome! Enjoy your last few weeks of the high school experience. :-)


Rebecca Gomez said...

I want her first outfit, those red shoes are outrageous! Sarah, did she tell you where she got them?!

Love #28, what a classic beauty!

Click Photography Owner said...

Fabulous session...of course, with red heels and a great photographer, it's a perfect recipe.