Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pretties Galore

Those who know Evey will get this post better than others. Basically, since the day the girl had hair we have had a battle over bows and barrettes. Even with hair hanging in her eyes and driving her crazy, she would immediately remove anything that I had placed in her hair to help with the situation. She feels around her head, finds it, pulls it out, and hands it to me saying either "bow" or "hereyago." We have tried distracting her...I have even worn the silly things myself to show her how lovely they are. ;-) Then one day last week, out of the blue, she was going through her bows & barrettes and wanted me to put them in her hair. All of them. It was quit amusing.

bows galore 01

bows galore 02

Perhaps she was trying to dress up her drab t-shirt and sweats she was hanging out in that morning. :-P With each barrette or bow added, she would then say, "Preeettttyyyy."

bows galore 03

bows galore 04

Maddox's reaction to Evey's new look was pretty funny...

bows galore 05

Then he decided to get in on the action himself...

bows galore 06

Evey is a little obsessed with naming body parts at the moment. Maddox's noooosssseee...

bows galore 07

Maddox with necklace and headband... :-)

bows galore 08

Ever since that day, she has been suddenly willing to wear bows and barrettes. Of course, her hair has recently gotten a little more willing to part to the side and isn't as much of a nuisance. Figures.

I sure love my little stinkers.
Happy Mother's Day!


Lex said...

That look on Maddox's face is priceless! I love it!

Stephanie said...

Too funny!

Click Photography Owner said...

These are Stomach-aching-laughing-so-hard-funny. I bet you had a fun time photographing these ones, for sure! I immediately thought of Niki when I saw Evey...except that I am usually the one with all the hair pieces. I'm basically Niki's doll when it comes to that.

Andrea Bia said...

His face was funny. :)