Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trike, Bike & Hog

Jay's dad (AKA Grandpa Reid) made a surprise visit to our house yesterday, prompting us to head out for a little time on the bikes. Evey on her tricycle...

bikes 01

Maddox wasn't in the mood to ride (? I don't know) but agreed to sit on his bike for a picture. I wanted to feature the bell I got him last year...
(There was only one other bell option at Target, which I can't remember. Obviously this was my favorite ;-)

bikes 02

bikes 03

Grandpa Reid's bike...

bikes 04

This is kind of like Where's Waldo...I found at least 4 Reid's and 2 Me's in this shot. How many do you see? :-)

bikes 05

Maddox enjoyed making faces in the mirror...

bikes 06

bikes 07

bikes 08

bikes 09

Maddox wanted me to take a picture "close up." I'd say this did it. :-P

bikes 10

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Stephanie said...

I love Evey in her helmet. Too cute!