Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keara...Anytime Portraits

Keara decided it was time for some new portraits since she hadn't had any pictures taken since her senior year of high school. Keara and I both share a love of frogs and photography. The frog thing is probably pretty random for both of us, I don't know. ;-) Keara is an aspiring photographer...currently in school majoring in business (SMART!) with a minor in photography.

Let's get to those are some of my favorites from our time together yesterday...

keara 01

keara 02

keara 03

Proof that I'm really funny... ;-) jk

keara 04

We found some tall grass with itty bitty yellow flowers. Very neat. So I snagged a pretty picture of Keara investigating...

keara 05

( is called goosefoot! I knew it was goose-something. ;-)

keara 06

keara 07

keara 08

Nature girl...

keara 09

keara 10

keara 11

keara 12

keara 13

keara 14

keara 15

keara 16

keara 17

I so LOVE this! Too funny.

keara 18

keara 19

keara 20

keara 21

keara 22

keara 23

Nice sunset...

keara 24

keara 25

keara 26

keara 27

Sneaking up on the pretty deer... ;-)

keara 28

keara 30

keara 29

Thanks Keara! Hope you enjoyed some ice cream and a nice rest. ;-)


Click Photography Owner said...

Nicely Done! Once again! I really dig the "lady in the water" pic.

Sarah Guild said...

Very cool photos. Keara: hope all is going well for you!