Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cathy & Dave...Wedding Photography (Part 1)

I know some of you are anxious to see some pics from Cathy & Dave's big day, so I thought I would go ahead and get some up here on the blog for your viewing pleasure. :-)

Cathy & Dave were married yesterday at the very beautiful Powell Gardens. We had fretted a little over the weather since it was predicted to rain all afternoon and evening...but it turns out we had nothing to worry about!

Cathy getting into her fabulous dress and making herself all gorgeous and what not...

rohr 02

rohr 03

Oh, and little Daniel getting all suited up. Too cute!

rohr 04

How did people manage weddings before cell phones? They sure come in handy on a wedding day! ;-)

rohr 05

When we first arrived at the gardens yesterday, it was quite chilly and very overcast. Though the beautiful flowers were doing their best to brighten up the landscape...

rohr 01

Then the second Cathy stepped out of the bridal changing area...the sun came out and it became just the perfect day. Swear! I love it when that happens. :-)

rohr 06

rohr 07

rohr 08

Positively glowing...

rohr 10

Cathy has the most amazing smile!

rohr 11

rohr 12

Dave's turn...

rohr 13

Lookin' very handsome...

rohr 14

rohr 15

And when it was time for Dave to see Cathy for the first time, he could hardly wait. I had to watch him like a hawk, he kept trying to sneak a peak as she made her way down the path. Which was really showed how anxious he was to see her.

rohr 18

It was a very nice few moments for them. Sweet! Love it. Sigh. :-)

rohr 19

Yep, you guys look awesome!

rohr 21

Daniel was crazy about Cathy's bouquet...

rohr 22

Oh, I don't want to forget the rest of the fellas...

rohr 16

I have no idea...

rohr 17

And the ladies...

rohr 26

And just a few more!

rohr 23


rohr 24

THE END (for now)...

rohr 25

But check back for more tomorrow! :-)


Rebecca Gomez said...

WOW! Love them all. Cathy looked amazing!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Click Photography Owner said...

Aw, Becca beat me this time. haha! These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!! What a perfect day! I think my favorite is the Bride shot on the path with the stormy sky behind her. LOVE IT!

Jenny said...

Awww... Cathy looks so beautiful!! :) I love the one where Daniel is fixated on her bouquet :)

Lisa Hessel said...

beautiful! CAthy looks AMAZING!!!!!