Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wolverine...and lil sis

Maddox had some money to spend the last time we were at Target. He wanted to get a Wolverine claw.

wolverine 04

I tried to talk him out of it. What would he do with it? Wouldn't it get old quick? But it was his money, and he insisted he wanted it. He was right...I was wrong. It's been quite the favorite thing around here. He loves this claw, and now wants to save up more money to buy a second claw. Because the boy in the commercial has a claw on each hand and does cool flips. I explained that a second Wolverine claw wouldn't give him the ability to do flips...and he assured me that the boy just already knew how to do flips. ;-)

So I took some pics of him enjoying his Wolverine claw earlier this week...

wolverine 01

wolverine 03

wolverine 02

And just for fun, a silly pic of Evey. :-)

crazy evey 01

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Click Photography Owner said...

What cuties you have...even if one of them is part wolf. That last one of Evey is adorable!