Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cathy + Dave...Engagement Portraits

Finally! Today I was able to spend some time with Cathy & Dave to create their engagement portraits. We have been battling crazy weather and illnesses which resulted in several postponements. So fourth time is a charm! And in the nick of time since they will be getting married in early May. ;-)

So let's take a look at some of my favorite photos from the session.
VOTE for your favorite in the Comments section below! Cathy & Dave will receive a free 8x10 of the most popular image.

We started off including their son (Daniel) and dog (Max) for a few family portraits...

cddm 01

cddm 02

Little Daniel had places to go, people to see...

cddm 03

cddm 04

cddm 05

cddm 06

cddm 07

cddm 08

I can't resist a reflection shot...the geese made this one for me. ;-)

cddm 09

This one makes me happy. :-)

cddm 10

cddm 11

Cathy looks so pretty here. :-)

cddm 12

cddm 13

Max was so cute waiting under the tree for us that I made Cathy & Dave get in there with him for a group shot...

cddm 14

cddm 15

cddm 16

cddm 17

I had to get a shot of Max waiting for us amongst the Easter eggs. We had to vacate this area when we saw the kids coming. I'm pretty sure these eggs would have been safe with Max around to guard them. ;-)

cddm 18

cddm 19

cddm 20

cddm 21

We also did a little solo mini session for each of them. Here is Cathy...

cddm 22

Poor Cathy was battling the wind all I really like this cute shot of her fighting the breeze.

cddm 23

cddm 24

This is Dave's serious look. I enjoyed teasing him that he still looked pleasantly amused somehow. I think it's the dimples. ;-)

cddm 25


cddm 26


cddm 27

One more of Cathy...gorgeous!

cddm 28

Nice ice! ;-)

cddm 29

Thanks Cathy & Dave...I'll be seeing you again very very soon!


Tom Gomez said...

Looks natural with an artistic angle. Nice shot.

Rebecca Gomez said...

This is the hardest time I've ever had deciding. They are just awesome. This will make a fabulous guest book for the wedding.

For the family all together I like #2. #6 was close behind because of Daniel's cute little teeth & how he looks so much like his parents.

Of just Cathy & Dave...

#10 This gets my engagement pic vote. Max is the most handsome dog ever.
Close behind is #8, she looks like she just adores Dave!
Can't wait to see the wedding pics!
Great job Sarah!

the burwell's said...

The last one in the #2 series. Nice photo of the a happy family. You guys are so photogenic. Love you!!!

Mr. Curious Hunter said...

Rohr Family-great shots of all of you. Hard to narrow it down, but if I had to do so...the third one in the #2 series.

Anonymous said...

I liked both of the family shots with an edge to #2.

For engagement I liked #'s 5,7,and 10.

Olivia and Chad Fisher said...

For engagement photos, #13 but I ablsolutely LOVED #2. That is a GREAT shot!!

Click Photography Owner said...

Nicely Done, my friend! As always. Super attractive included. :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Daniel are priceless. The pictures of Dave are Dave. . .truly showing his strength and love for his family. Mary Catherine will always be just a pretty on the inside as out. A beautiful soul that we are proud to love and call our niece. Great pictures from a truly gifted photographer.

Love, Uncle George and Janet