Friday, April 17, 2009

Liberty Memorial

It had been a long time since I just wandered the Liberty Memorial, taking pics for fun. So I spent a little extra time hanging around after my session last weekend to explore and randomly shoot whatever caught my eye.

My favorites...

Liberty 01

Liberty 02

I tried to play around a little with the glass roof to the museum, catching reflections.

Liberty 03

Liberty 04

I almost fell down some steps after shooting this lamppost. Well, I'm not gonna lie...I did actually fall down one step but caught myself before totally wiping out or worse...dropping my camera! I tried to pretend it didn't happen...but I'm sure someone must have seen my lack of grace and had a good laugh at me. :-P

Liberty 05

Liberty 06

Liberty 07

Liberty 08

My FAVORITE shot...I'm crazy for this one. I love abstract stuff...and I really like how this one kind of sucks you into the frame. I'll be finding somewhere in my home to display - I'm thinking it would be a cool canvas...

Liberty 09

I thought it was neat that you could see the tower through the transparent banner...

Liberty 10

Liberty 11

Liberty 12

Nice postcard shot... ;-)

Liberty 13

Liberty 14

Liberty 15

Liberty 16

This last one is kind of whacky...and I enjoy whacky. :-)

Liberty 17

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Click Photography Owner said...

you are the perspective MASTER! These are awesome. I love your crisp, clear, and vibrant style.