Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris + Crystal...Family Portraits

Yesterday I met Chris and Crystal to capture some lovely portraits with their kiddos. It was a glorious day - such a nice break from this crazy weather. Crystal did an excellent job dressing everyone - beautiful bright colors. They looked fantastic!

Here are some of my favs...

cccm 01

cccm 02

cccm 03

cccm 04

cccm 05

cccm 06

Chase is such a little cutie...

cccm 07

And little Madison is just adorable...

cccm 08

cccm 09

cccm 10

cccm 11

cccm 12

I have a thing for shots of parents wrangling children. It amuses me. ;-)

cccm 13

cccm 14

cccm 15

cccm 16

cccm 17

cccm 18

cccm 19

Crystal was behind me doing a great job making the kids laugh. ;-)

cccm 20

cccm 21

cccm 22

cccm 23

Thanks for a great shoot! :-)


Click Photography Owner said...

NOW, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!!! This session gets me soooo excited for the warmer Spring I'm hoping for. Love the color/clothing choices...and the location goes perfectly, too. That must be the greenest grass in the Kansas City area.

Rebecca Gomez said...

Beautiful family!!
I like the ones with the KC skyline in the background. Great family shots with green grass playing off the colors of clothing & pop of yellow. #10 & #6 are my favs. Just perfect!