Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Eggcellent Mess!

Evey's first time coloring Easter eggs! I remember last year, Maddox and I colored eggs while Evey stared at her hands in amazement hanging out in the Jumperoo. How far she has come! My instincts told me to set up a little table outside since it was a nice day and this was bound to be a messy project. But I thought I might be over-reacting and we stayed inside. Next year...outdoors! Weather permitting of course. Jay enjoyed pointing out the 5+ age on the box. But you can't NOT color Easter eggs until you are 5 years old!

Anyways, things started well enough. We were showing them how to use the tools to dip the eggs in the cups...

eggs 01

eggs 02

However, not surprisingly, Evey couldn't keep her hands off the eggs.

eggs 03

And while Maddox was working hard at using the proper utensils to remove the eggs...

eggs 04

...we couldn't keep them from practically throwing eggs into the cups causing a good deal of splashing. We decided to switch Evey to stamping eggs, hoping this would be a slightly neater way for her to go about decorating her eggs.

eggs 05

eggs 06

eggs 07

We were so focused on Evey...being that she seemed to be the bigger loose cannon at the table. So we were quite surprised to look over and see that Maddox had given up on the assigned utensils, too much work and they were slowing him down.

eggs 08

eggs 09

It took about 5 hand washings and a bath...but I think his skin is back to its original color now.

eggs 10

This is probably just a mom shot...but he looks so big to me here chewing gum and casually coloring eggs. He used to get so excited! He was still enjoying the process this year...but with a more "big kid" demeanor.

eggs 11

Evey with dye splattered on her face...

eggs 12

Zoning out for a moment...

eggs 13

And because big brother was showing off his messy hands...

eggs 14

eggs 15

Looks like stamping wasn't all that tidy either. ;-)
In the end there were a lot of spills and we went through a lot of papertowels. A lot. But we also had a lot of fun. Messy messy fun.

eggs 16


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Alexa Cole said...

This is absolutely adorable! I love doing this with my kids!